The Next Quarter-Century…

This year brings me to somewhat of a turning point in my online communications — I have been marketing and designing under the Flying Button brand name for 25 years. This spring I finished five years of going back to college to obtain an IT degree, and through my training and experiences have decided to change up my marketing strategy for Flying Button Design by adopting a WordPress format for my homepage and central messaging center. The advances in these drag-and-drop website building utilities offer more versatility and quick changes for me than my traditional coded website was giving, and I can more easily update and post to this format with my busy life and the times we live in.

So check out the new format, and look for future postings and additions to this site as well as my Facebook page for Flying Button and my LinkedIn page.

I thank you for your kindness and support over the past 25 years of Flying Button’s existence, and look forward to another quarter-century (or more!) years of creativeness and helping others succeed.

~Rich Gassen


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