We Will Rock You

When I recreated the Z Big One Logo for Zimbrick to use in their annual company-wide used car sale (going on now at Zimbrick.com) I used Photoshop’s new 3D Extrusion feature to take the Z, BIG, and ONE and create 3D versions of them. While this looks tricky at first glance, it turns out to be super easy to create in Photoshop. Any text or graphic can be extruded to add dimension, bevels, lighting and shadow effects to it with some simple clicks.

I also located a stock photo of a pile of rocks, and converted it into a posterized, cartoon-like image with a clipping path to isolate the rocks. Then I was able to duplicate this pile and make several layers, allowing me to “build” a bigger pile of rocks for the Z Big One logo to sit on by scaling and rotating the individual layers. See below where the rocks and text are rearranged compared to above, to fit a different website size.


These effects are easy to use and produce great results in no time. If you use Photoshop at all, I suggest you explore both of these features to see what you are capable of doing with them for your own projects. Your work will rock!

To see a decent YouTube tutorial on creating 3D text in Photoshop, Click Here.

For a quick peek at posterizing an image, Click Here.