Interesting Resources for Designers

As a freelance designer, I am constantly looking for new ideas and images to incorporate into my designs. There are countless resources online for stock images, fonts, website icons, background images and the like. Some have costs associated with them; others do not. In the interest of providing cost-effective services to my customers, locating sources of free, legally usable resources is beneficial for everyone involved.

I wanted to bring attention to two in particular that I rely on regularly these days:

  1. Creative Market – See the free goods section for what’s available today, or better yet sign up for their email list, and get 6 free offerings per week — fonts, illustrator and Photoshop graphics, HTML themes, Photoshop mockups, and more. The wood type image for this story was done using a mockup, where you drop your text or logo on a smart layer in Photoshop and the mockup does the rest. (I created it in 30 seconds using the mockup.) Thanks to Dan Miller at DPPS for enlightening me to Creative Market.
  2. GraphicsFuel – This is another wonderful site full of free and low-cost resources to use in your designs. I subscribed to his Facebook page and get regular updates of new offerings from his site. I like to see the variety of ways people have figured out how to use Photoshop and these other tools to leverage the most from them. You can tear apart these mockups and see how the layers interact to be more knowledgeable in your own designing, or just use them as is with your words and logos to enhance your work.

These and other sites, along with my own photography, keep me stacked with graphical materials to use in my designs. Do you have a favorite site to locate resources for use in marketing, design and print? I would be interested to hear about it!


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