Buttoning up 2015; Flying into 2016

Happy Holidays from Flying Button Design! Thank you for your support and kindness throughout 2015. As we fly into 2016, remember these words from the band Sugarland: We’ve come here with nothing And take it with us the day we leave The first and last breath don’t matter It’s all the ones that are in-between Make every moment count! Continue reading Buttoning up 2015; Flying into 2016

Dress Like a Super Hero.

We’ve seen Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday sales. Welcome to Wear it Wednesday… Wanna dress like a super hero? Wear Flying Button apparel, and your super powers will be the knowledge and comfort of having a talented designer and photographer next to you at all times. While the logos are on your front, Rich will have your back every day, just a … Continue reading Dress Like a Super Hero.