A passion for your craft drives you!

My first car was an olive green 1968 Plymouth Fury III four door sedan. My dad bought it almost-new, and it was well-used by him and my two sisters before it was finally handed down to me as I came of age to pilot this rocketship. (By the way, these photos are not of my actual Fury; mine was in much worse shape). This beast had a 318hp V8 engine, sat eight teenage passengers comfortably, and floated down the road with amazing ease… sometimes faster than the suggested speed.

Fury Polaroid
A ’68 Fury, just like my old ride.

I loved this car for its power, sleek look, and ability to move me (literally). After a couple years the Fury wore out, and because I was not a mechanic I got rid of it for another, much less awesome ride (a 1978 Ford Granada, of all things). However, my love for sleek design and the ability to move people transferred over to my then budding graphic design career, where I have since tried to motivate and move others to take action on the campaigns I create design materials for. My passion for design comes through every day in my work and drives my creative energy.

My friend Jeff Zapp contacted me a while back to do some logo work for him. Jeff took his childhood love of muscle cars, and turned it into a life-long career. Along with a day job in the automotive repair field, Jeff has a muscle car service center called Zapp’s Rod Shop, where he takes peoples’ dreams and turns them into reality with a team comprised of knowledgeable technicians and skilled staff. He specializes inĀ vintage and classic cars, street rods and traditional rods. I created a logo for Jeff’s business, which now appears on shirts, the web, his super cool trailer, and more. He even sent me a sweet service technician shirt to show off the logo!

While I don’t know a thing about car repair, I can understand how Jeff must feel when he gets to work on an old vehicle and make it look sleek, new and ready to move people. Like me with graphic design, Jeff clearly has a passion for his craft. Check out his website today, or like him on FB to see regular updates. Though I never expect to sit behind the wheel of a Furious Plymouth Fury again, if I did, Zapp’s would be my service center of choice!Zapps_Rod_Shop_300x250.jpg




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