Why DID the chicken cross the road, anyway?

This past weekend the family made our annual pilgrimage up to Portage to Link’s Greenhouse Farm, to purchase potatoes and onions to grow, and also check out their perennials and tree selection. Even though we were a little early this year to see a lot of color with regard to the flower selection, this place is great for an adventure for the whole family, especially when you have a camera in your hand. Besides the greenhouses, it is a working farm with animals galore, and plenty to entertain the lens. The staff there are so casual and friendly too. It’s definitely a highlight of our spring growing season.

Here are some images I captured during our visit, ranging from the Koi pond, farm animals and lazy cats, to the greenhouses and equipment they use to work the land. Click on any of them to enlarge.

P.S. They actually DID cross the road!!

So why did the chicken cross the road? To check out Link’s Greenhouse Farm. That’s one smart chicken, folks. Here’s a link to Link’s map, in case you want to take a drive…


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