Here Comes The Sun (do-nn-do-do.)

Here comes the sun, do-nn-do-do,
here comes the sun, and I say “It’s alright.”

I rise before dawn every weekday to head to work and watch the sun rise through the windshield, so a detour this particular morning brings me to an alternate view—the site of some overachievers—flowers who are literally “outstanding in their chosen field.”

The sun peeks over the trees that dot the glacier-formed moraine at Pope Farm Park in Town of Middleton, igniting a fire of attention onto the countless thousands of sunflowers begging for its rays. Shutters click, some minor lens envy ensues, and the flowers smile, waiting quietly and patiently for us to capture their beauty. Here is what my lens captured.

(click on any photo for larger view.)


Until next year, my friends, when you recede and reseed.

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