As the world turns, so does the soil to the plow.

Another Year; Another Plowoff.

The sands of time have passed through the hourglass, and we have made it around the sun one more time. This signals it is time to tend to the fields that were so forth giving of their nutrients over the past growing season, and prepare the soil for another round come spring. Dial up your friends, boys; the plowoff is here.


My brother-in-law calls on those in the area with old farming equipment to fire them up and play in his fields for one day a year, and rewards them with a bounty of food and conversation. The operators share rides, help each other repair breakdowns as they happen, and talk about their toys with wide smiles.

There were more participants (and spectators) this year than any year prior, totaling thirteen tractors by my count, and built by several different manufacturers in a rainbow of colors. Every year that passes makes the annual plowoff that more special; the older these tractors and plows (and their owners) get, the more unique they are as operating nostalgia.


For more details on the plowoff, see my post from last year. Otherwise, enjoy this photo collage from this year’s event. We capture these American icons in action so others can remember how it was once done. Click on any image for a larger view, and enjoy.

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