A Cut Above

We’ve been using this hand made cutting board for a decade. I can’t remember if it was a Christmas present or a late housewarming gift, but I do know that this particular board was crafted by my former workmate’s husband back in December of 2006 (see the handwritten date stamp on the bottom).


I’m not sure that he does woodworking anymore, but when Dave Balmer made this beautiful cutting board out of multiple varieties of hardwood, he did a superior job. Parked on the counter right next to our stove, it has withstood the abuse of a three-meal-a-day family for over 3500 days. We prepare food for our family on it, scrub it clean, and it sits there like a sentinel of the kitchen, awaiting its next task.

I write about this spectacular cutting board not because it is remarkable, but because of its durability; it has withstood the test of time. This indestructible appliance has seen two boys grow from toddlers to young men, one of which spends much of his time now helping cook the meals we eat together and using this hardwood block to chop and dice and slice his ingredients for those recipes. My son bonds with his mother over this cutting board. We build family memories and nourish our bodies while using this slab of creativeness.

This holiday, seek out the handmade crafts and products of your local artisans to give to your loved ones. You will rarely be disappointed in the quality and attention to detail that an individual puts into something he loves to do. Whether it be woodworking or photography, ceramics or anything else, there are plenty of options to buy local and support these artists’ passions while ending up with items that are truly a cut above. (Literally, in this case…)


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