Rich’s Interview by the DoIT Photo Club

Q: Can you describe the art that you create?

A: I focus mostly on nature, farming, and architecture photos. I also do commercial work for Zimbrick of Madison — building shots you see in ads and on TV.

Q: How did you get introduced to your craft?

A: I took photography classes in college (film cameras) and never got into it – too costly. When my wife and I had our first child in 2002 we bought an Olympus C3000 digital camera (still have it!) and we both started getting into taking flower, nature and farm life photos along with a million baby photos. I was also drawn to the Madison area, having grown up here, and took shots around the campus and capitol area. Over time I was able to buy bigger and better cameras, and now have 5 (plus my phone) in my arsenal. Now that I work downtown I am able to take pictures while walking to and from meetings.

Q: How long have you been working on your creations?

A: For about 15 years – on and off. The nice thing about photography is that our photos from 10 years ago are still valid. I also commonly use my photos in graphic design projects I am working on instead of seeking out stock photography.

Q: Do you have any influences or role models?

A: Everyone! I see images from other photographers and want to know how they were achieved. I see things in nature and want to try to capture it on a camera. The DoIT Photo Club has been a nice chance to see others’ work and feed off of it too.

Q: Describe your idea of artistic success?

A: I don’t know if success is my goal — more contentment in getting to do what I can when I want to. If someone else likes what I do that is great, but I am really trying to please myself. I have never meant to get rich taking photos; however, my wife and I have sold many framed photos at art shows and exhibits in the past, and our hobby has paid for itself. We make custom barn board frames to match our nature and country photos and complete the look of them. When I do photo projects for Zimbrick, I will commonly pay for a new camera or supplies with some of the proceeds, so that is success in and of itself.

Q: Where can we see examples your work?

A: I recently showed my work at the Limnology Department on campus; a water-only collection of photos. For a taste of it, go to my blog. I also have some images displayed in DoIT’s HR office. My wife and I have a Flickr page as well.

A big “thank you” to Rich for being our first artist spotlight. If you want to share your creations with us please contact John Nagler or any of the members of the Partners in Giving team.

John Nagler

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