Storms they are a comin’

April and May in Wisconsin have been brutal this year. We were having snow storms late into April, and May has now started as the wettest month I can remember. The U.S. Climate Data for Madison says that we average 3.54″ of precipitation in the whole month; We are currently at 7.6″ by this website’s data and only half way through May.


The storms keep us from planting, interrupt our yard work and mowing, and delay fun and games in the back yard because it’s always too wet. The only plus side to the rain is the bright colors we get after the storms – almost glowing green grass, vivid skies and everything clean and shiny.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI can deal with most storms, but there are times when they catch you off guard; either out on a walk with the dog, or when you planned an event outside, or when you expect to go shopping the neighborhood on bulk pickup day (that’s a whole other story). Regardless, you are blindsided by the storm as it approaches unexpectedly and brings on a deluge, changing your plans in an instant.

Life can be that way, bringing on its own types of storms in ways you could never imagine. These disturbances also change plans for your family and friends, cancelling fun and preparing to clean up messes we cannot predict. And the forecast calls for a big one in my life in the coming weeks and months. Batten down the hatches….


Photos by Rich and Joan Gassen

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