Give a little bit part two

My son is on a team raising funds for LLS (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society) with some classmates. They are learning, through their actions, the power of social media for good. It’s amazing the reach you have when you start with a small group, and they share with their respective networks from there. He’s already seen friends of friends donating to his campaign and asked how … Continue reading Give a little bit part two

Patience is the key to joy.

My workmate got a fortune cookie once that said: “Patience is the key to joy.” Today, more than ever, this statement holds true: we are so programmed for instant gratification, and sometimes (most times) the satisfaction of waiting for something more than ketchup to come out of the bottle ends up increasing the reward of that thing’s completion or delivery. The moment between stimulus and … Continue reading Patience is the key to joy.