Do Something. ANYTHING.

I sometimes follow Mark Manson‘s advice when I have a creative block. His “Do Something” principle is a good way to overcome fear, break the chain of procrastination or even start a fire of ideas for you to build off of. It’s that first step off the cliff that is so hard, whether you are hang gliding or creating a brochure in InDesign. Just dig … Continue reading Do Something. ANYTHING.

Perseverance and Hard Work Prevail

My son learned a valuable lesson recently about perseverance and hard work. He was just below the cut-off for admittance into the advanced math program for next year based on a set of criteria the school uses to divide the groups, and we were informed that he would be placed in the standard math program again. This year, he had been near the top of … Continue reading Perseverance and Hard Work Prevail

Buttoning up 2015; Flying into 2016

Happy Holidays from Flying Button Design! Thank you for your support and kindness throughout 2015. As we fly into 2016, remember these words from the band Sugarland: We’ve come here with nothing And take it with us the day we leave The first and last breath don’t matter It’s all the ones that are in-between Make every moment count! Continue reading Buttoning up 2015; Flying into 2016