A conversation with Sarah Elkins

I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Sarah Elkins, a podcaster who focuses on storytelling to get your information out. Much of our discussion was about managing people on the UW campus, lifelong learning, and also about the history of the Campus Supervisors Network, a community of practice that I chair at the UW-Madison. Sarah’s intro to the podcast: “It’s always bittersweet when … Continue reading A conversation with Sarah Elkins

Enter a Season of Gratitude

It’s November…wait, what? What happened to 2018? Well, here’s the good news. The year may have mostly gotten away from you, but you still have 60 days to accomplish something great. I suggest you focus on an attitude of gratitude and use November and December to thank people for the things you appreciate about them. William Arthur Ward once said “Gratitude can transform common days … Continue reading Enter a Season of Gratitude

Leadership with Heart Podcast

I had a great discussion today with Heather Younger, author of the book The 7 Intuitive Laws of Employee Loyalty. She also produces a podcast entitled Leadership with Heart, interviewing managers in various roles and talking about their leadership styles. Our conversation will be released soon on iTunes, so stay alert for a link when it becomes available. Until then, here’s a nice photo of … Continue reading Leadership with Heart Podcast

Let us, then, be up and doing

I was once reading parts of a book entitled LIFE 101 by Peter McWilliams; this was hanging out on our bookshelf at home, and when I was without other library books to peruse I grabbed this one, a veritable guide to living as a human being, which was right there all the time (how did I survive up to this point?) to see what McWilliams … Continue reading Let us, then, be up and doing

Storms they are a comin’

April and May in Wisconsin have been brutal this year. We were having snow storms late into April, and May has now started as the wettest month I can remember. The U.S. Climate Data for Madison says that we average 3.54″ of precipitation in the whole month; We are currently at 7.6″ by this website’s data and only half way through May. The storms keep … Continue reading Storms they are a comin’