Here Comes The Sun (do-nn-do-do.)

Here comes the sun, do-nn-do-do, here comes the sun, and I say “It’s alright.” I rise before dawn every weekday to head to work and watch the sun rise through the windshield, so a detour this particular morning brings me to an alternate view—the site of some overachievers—flowers who are literally “outstanding in their chosen field.” The sun peeks over the trees that dot the … Continue reading Here Comes The Sun (do-nn-do-do.)

The Duluth Dozen

Here are a dozen photos from our recent family trip to Lake Superior’s southern shoreline around Duluth, and jaunt over to the Apostle Islands. This is a beautiful scenic area to visit; with one of the two aerial lift bridges of this style in the world, expansive naturally-occurring beaches that span for miles long the south shore of the lake, parks and scenic lakefront walking … Continue reading The Duluth Dozen

Perseverance and Hard Work Prevail

My son learned a valuable lesson recently about perseverance and hard work. He was just below the cut-off for admittance into the advanced math program for next year based on a set of criteria the school uses to divide the groups, and we were informed that he would be placed in the standard math program again. This year, he had been near the top of … Continue reading Perseverance and Hard Work Prevail

Why DID the chicken cross the road, anyway?

This past weekend the family made our annual pilgrimage up to Portage to Link’s Greenhouse Farm, to purchase potatoes and onions to grow, and also check out their perennials and tree selection. Even though we were a little early this year to see a lot of color with regard to the flower selection, this place is great for an adventure for the whole family, especially … Continue reading Why DID the chicken cross the road, anyway?

Give a Little Bit as you March Forth!

In the words of Supertramp and now the Goo Goo Dolls’ excellent remake, “Give a Little Bit” of your time to others, and you will get repaid for your investment. Friday March 4th is Employee Appreciation Day, and a great time to tell the people around you are truly thankful for their efforts. As we march forth today, tell someone that the work they do … Continue reading Give a Little Bit as you March Forth!