Exceeded My Expectations

“Working with Rich is very easy. He always keeps in mind all of the customer’s ideas, as well as adding some great ones of his own. He exceeded my expectations on the projects that he did for me.”

~ Greg Hann, Owner of Hann’s Christmas Farm

Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

“Rich Gassen ROCKS! I have had the good fortune to work with Rich. A talented designer, Rich takes my ideas for a project and expands upon them. In a time crunch, Rich has even written copy for me. Rich provides such an extremely high level of service that at Zimbrick, we think of Rich as a part of our team. Rich is a true business partner and an outstanding person.”

~ Monica Winkler, Senior Marketing Manager at Zimbrick Inc.

A Pleasure to Work With

“Rich is that rare person who has strong left- AND right-brain talents (very unique in the advertising and printing worlds). He is a talented graphic designer plus an accomplished prepress specialist. That means he can create any type of printed piece and prepare it for printing without any problems during the process. He’s also very helpful in explaining the technical details associated with the prepress world. With his wonderful sense of humor and laid-back personality, it’s a pleasure working with Rich.”

~ Anne Johnson, Former Sales Rep at SprintPrint

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